Monthly Archives: May 2008


So I think I might get fired one of these days because my Kinders have one to many conversations about God that I completely allow and sometimes ask more questions so the conversation does not stop. It really does bless my heart to hear them talk about God. But anyhow, I was reading this story the other day and it came to a question about how many stars are in the sky. So I asked the kids, not thinking God would be mentioned. Some of them said 100, some said too many. And I asked “well I wonder who knows how many there are.” And from the back row, this little boy says “well God knows how many stars there are!” And of course I said “Thats right!” It was cute and great all at the same time. My heart was blessed and I just pray that they all come to know who He is.


good bye big white suitcase :(

Well last night was the night. We finally sold our taurus who has been with me for the last 8 years of life. It was exciting to sell and get some money to pay down debt but also sad to see some memories pass on. This car has taken me many places. One that made a huge impact in my life was a summer project to Santa Cruz. Lots of fun adventures down there. Then one to the grand canyon and one to Canada. She was a good car. Its funny how things like a car would cause me to shed a few tears, but it does. Just the memories attached to it. Well thats that.

Today is a busy day. Not quite yet but it will soon be. I have a mk party in Beaverton and then rush back home to help some students put together cards for National Teacher Appreciation Day. I thought it would be cool to thank the profs. at WOU. So we will see how all of that goes and hope that I didnt book myself to close together. Well heres to the day!