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The last 11 weeks.

So I had every intention on writing about my days with Ava since she was born and I am just now getting around to it. My little girl has changed so much in the last 11 weeks.

Ava only a few minutes old
Ava only a few minutes old

She has now passed the 11lbs. mark this week as well.

4th with AvaI feel like she changes everyday. She went from eating and sleeping to eating, sleeping, playing, crying, and back again. She starts to make this spitting noise when she is on the verge of getting mad. She is a super strong baby for her age. She can hold her head up and loves to stand on her legs. Her legs are starting to get a bit chunky as well. I guess you could say she is filling out. This last week she was 23inches long which apparently is in the 75th percentile. So She has some room to chunk out. Her head is in the 25th percentile though. So I don’t know what that says about her head, but it’s small, or petite we should say. Ava also loves looking around at things. She just stares and takes it all in. I wonder what goes on in that head of hers. I try to get her to stare at me but objects around the room are much more exciting I guess. I do miss how her eyes used to look cross eyed IMG_0195because they couldnt focus very well. Those Big blue eyes have come a long way. I love changing Ava (on the changing table) because that is where she and I interact the most. She talks to me in her cute baby language and I tell her about everything. She smiles and coos. She squeaks as well. Ohhhh and I love her small cry, thats the one that is not angry or overly tired. She squeaks as she breathes in.

She can do many things:gurrgle, coo, smile, drools while looking at her feet, can focus on things and people and is able to lift her head up pretty high. Things that no longer happen: eyes not focusing and going cross eyed, nursing for 20-30 min (she has it down to an art now and nurses for 6-10 min.) Things that have continued: screaming and crying in her carseat.IMG_0250She looks happy here but it’s very misleading.


The birth story so I don’t forget.

It all started Saturday April, 25th when Steve and I decided to go over to our new place and put together our crib. I was due in 2 days and honestly didn’t think I would be having my baby anytime soon. So Steve put together our cute crib and I unpacked a bunch of stuff. I moved things with my big ol’ belly in the way. That evening my hips and lower back hurt so much. I decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to move all of that stuff, but oh well I thought. IMG_0051Here is Steve putting Ava’s crib together.

The next morning I arose for church. My lower back was still in pain and I suddenly felt something in my belly. It was just a braxton hicks contraction. No big deal. So We went to church and then to Costco right after. I had been craving Costco   for some time now and Steve and I went to get our fix. We had to get back quickly to our house because the boys were helping us move our piano and get it into our house. I continued feeling contractions throughout the day, but they were sporadic and I assumed I would be having them for days before Ava came into the world. Afterward we invited some of them over to the house for milkshakes to say thanks for the moving. They all stayed for awhile, and by 10pm I asked for them to leave so that I could get some rest, because I was going to go to “work” the next day and my tummy was not feeling all that well.

Little did I know the pain I was feeling was that baby getting ready to do her thing. So back to the story…Steve and I went to bed around 11:00pm and I really didn’t go to sleep because I kept having contractions. So at 2am I woke Steve up and let him know that my belly was hurting and it seemed like I was having several contractions. So what any good husband ready to be a dad would do, he got out the timer and started timing my contractions. By 3am he had called the OBGYN and it seemed like it was time to go to the hospital. So we drove. Half way there we realized we had forgotten our “celebration odwalla OJ” and turned around. Then we were off again.

When we arrived at the hospital I thought this was it. I thought sure she will be here any minute. So we checked into our room and I was checked. Only 2 cm dilated. The nurse then stated that I could go home and relax or stay and be checked every hour. What!?!?? This was my first baby. How was I supposed to know. What is she came quickly if I went home or if I stayed what if it turned into too many hours. So we took a risk and went home. Before leaving, my body (which had been over taken by the baby) decided to throw up all over the hospital floor. And from that point on I would not keep anything down the rest of the time.

So we left the hospital around 6am and went home. At 1:45 we drove back down to Corvallis and had to go to the OB office first. They wanted to check to make sure I wasn’t going to be sent home again. Right when I got out of the car, I started to have a contraction. I got down on my hands and knees and then threw up. A surgeon saw us and went and got a wheel chair. I got to the office and was checked. 8 1/2 cm dilated and water still in tacked. Clare (my nurse mid-wife) said ” you are getting admitted right this second because that baby is coming.”

I don’t remember much until I started pushing. (I will spare you the details.) It was amazing though. I got to use a squatting chair and my water broke as Ava’s head was coming out. I do have to add, only because I thought it was funny, that the nurse and midwife put on goggles and then my water broke, well popped. Then I yelled at Ava to get out of me. Steve made a quick joke, like he always does about it being funny if Ava were born at 5:42 and low and behold that is when she decided to come into the world! It was truly amazing. I am still shocked and amazed. Oh and for the record I had an all natural no IV birth! I opted out of the IV and was told if I was going to bleed to death then they would have to put an IV in me. Yeah if I was going to die, then be my guest, but not that day! I’ll post pics in the next blog.