It’s always fun with the Johnstons and Balints

Last night we got a call to go over to the Johnstons for dinner. We had steak and vegies. We really love the Johnstons and have known them now for about 2 years. They have 3 boys and the newest is Baby Jack who was born at the beginning of Feb.

IMG_0583This is Jack Jack trying to fall asleep… which is sometimes hard for the babies because of these 3…



Steve and Toby!

Steve is so great with these boys, but he does get them wound up and bouncing off of the walls. He throws them around and tickles them. It is very cute and I have realized that is going to need a boy someday!

The Balints were there along with Miss Lydia who is only a month and a half older then Ava.


This is Lydia’s mom Lisa who I hang out with all of the time

IMG_0588and this is Jacob the dad playing on his I-phone, He is our worship leader at church.

The last time we were at the Johnston’s we went swimming and it was Ava’s first time in a pool.

awaiting the cold water

awaiting the cold water

and we are in!

and we are in!

And she loved it!

And she loved it!

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