my note to jess

Dear Jessica,

You were my first inspiration to blog. I have tried so hard to muster up something great and when I thought I had it, it was gone! Here are my thoughts on what went down yesterday in your town…. you’ve already seen this because I posted it on your blog, but here is a penny for your thoughts per se…

Awe, I agree with Chad. you are a great mom! You inspire me to do fun things like that and write a blog, which I am horrible at…by the way…. the pics I took yesterday because I want to be like you and blog about good times…well my hubby deleted all of the pics by accident.. 😦 So I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind emailing them to me….:) I was sad, because I thought to myself finally this will be a great blog and then the pictures were gone! And I want to look back on these days remembering that you were and (will be at that time) a great friend… I dont want to forget… and having photos like that… makes me think and feel like maybe we hang out more than we do… so there it is Jess. maybe I should just copy this and place it in my blog… 🙂

So I did just that… here is my post and that is that!

One response to “my note to jess

  • Jess

    Ha! You’re too cute Haley! Tell Steve he sucks for deleting your precious photos and I’ll see what I can do about getting you some of mine! I’m glad that I’m your inspiration for blogging – I love doing it, hopefully you will get as hooked as I am! 🙂

    I cherish our friendship dearly and wish that we could hang out more as well, but in the mean time – I love that every time I see you, we pick up right where we left off! Those are the best friends to have!

    Keep blogging, keep being a good mommy, keep commenting on my blog and keep your camera away from Steve!

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