Ava’s new love

So Ava has a new toy and she in content in it for up to an hour. It is pretty nifty if I do say so myself. I wanted to upload a video of how excited she is when she is in it, but it didn’t work so here are a few photos of my cutie pa tootie!

IMG_0614As you can see Ava is very content. This toy is some leapfrog thing that her aunt and uncle gave her. It has 3 animals hanging down in primary colors (apparently this is good for their brain…oh she will be a genius because if this toy!) If Ava hits, lets say the “red bird” (which she hits a lot and Steve and I are convinced she is a lefty because red bird is hit over and over again,) the toy talks to her and says things like “red bird, touch my wing…” then there is “blue fish” and “yellow lion.” Anyhoo… Ava gets so excited in this toy, she kicks and coos. I love listening to her and watching her in this thing.

IMG_0615I can rarely distract her from her touching the red bird, red bird…it’s the new soundtrack to my life.

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