Monthly Archives: September 2009

Always changing

So as I look around my room today it seems much bigger. I feel a little less closterphobic but a little sad at the same time. We finally just moved Ava to her very own room this week into her Big Girl crib. She is almost 5 months and it was time. The hopes are that she will sleep longer and better at night. So far it seems to be working. But even though I get a bit more sleep, I am sure going to miss having her right there next to me in our room. We still cuddle in the early morning which I hope never changes because I love it. (Well I hope it does change but not until she is a bit older like 5th grade or something like that.) Not only was it time for her to move into her room for all of us to sleep better at night but she has been growing so long I was afraid she may out grow out of her cradle (which my daddy built especially for her.)


She was so little

She was so little

and now look at her in her big girl bed

and now look at her in her big girl bed











She is such a big girl

She is such a big girl

and look at how proud she is to be in her new bed!

and look at how proud she is to be in her new bed!










And just for the record Ava has had two really great nights of sleep since she has been in her new bed! Hopefully it continues!


no more

My sweet kitty Pip met her demise today while we were out and someone was driving too fast on our street. This is my lamenting over the last few hours. I know she’s just a cat but one great one at that!

No more following me to the bathroom

No more drinking out of the toilet like a dog

No more shooting up the tree in the backyard like a squirrel

No more licking and grooming my fingers

No more purring on my Big preggo belly (when I was preggo she would lay on my belly at night while I slept, and I was sure Ava was going to be drawn to her when they met.) 

No more being a bad cat and jumping on the counters

No more trying to sneak into the house when she wasn’t invited

No more loves and cuddles

No more spastic running and leaping through the house

No more watching children chase you through the yard

No more watching Chase hold you around your mid-section and you not making a fuss

You will be missed my sweet little Pip and you were an amazing cat!


medicine… yuck

IMG_0887Just look at this mischievous little face…. This face hates her new medicine that smells like banana. She has to take a few squirts a day because she has a yeast infection in her mouth. She has started to get pretty smart when mom comes around the corner with the dropper in hand. Instead of spitting the medicine out when it gets in her mouth like she did the first few days, she starts spitting when she see’s the dropper, so mom can’t get it in her mouth. I tell you what, my kid is pretty smart and a stinker!

Bouncing is tiring

So we recently started putting Ava in a bouncer. I sometimes wonder if it’s the best thing for her because it seems to jar her around a lot. She doesn’t seem to mind though, because I think she bounces, then gets excited about bouncing and bounces even harder. So hard that one day, I was in the other room and all I could hear was Ava talking and bouncing and then it got quiet. Very quiet. So I came out to see if she was o.k. and this is what I found…


She would nod off, and then wake up and start bouncing again and then nod off. I decided it was best for her to have a nap else where after that!