no more

My sweet kitty Pip met her demise today while we were out and someone was driving too fast on our street. This is my lamenting over the last few hours. I know she’s just a cat but one great one at that!

No more following me to the bathroom

No more drinking out of the toilet like a dog

No more shooting up the tree in the backyard like a squirrel

No more licking and grooming my fingers

No more purring on my Big preggo belly (when I was preggo she would lay on my belly at night while I slept, and I was sure Ava was going to be drawn to her when they met.) 

No more being a bad cat and jumping on the counters

No more trying to sneak into the house when she wasn’t invited

No more loves and cuddles

No more spastic running and leaping through the house

No more watching children chase you through the yard

No more watching Chase hold you around your mid-section and you not making a fuss

You will be missed my sweet little Pip and you were an amazing cat!



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