Monthly Archives: November 2009

Yes she is a loud one.

So last night was our weekly CRU meeting and as usual I was in the back with Ava. Our speaker happened to be one of our students last night which was cool. Ava was doing a great job and was not being loud at all. I mean we made it through the entire talk without having to leave the room. And then it was as if the speaker and Miss Ava had worked this out ahead of time, but Matt (the speaker) asked us to take a moment of “Silence.”  Just then Ava yells from the top of her lungs (I mean it was loud) DADADADADADA!!!!!!!! Everyone started laughing. If only she knew how on cue she was, it was pretty funny.

Oh yes my daughter is pretty amazing and funny if I do say so myself!


This girl has spunk!

This morning as I laid in bed while my most amazing husband let me sleep a bit longer and watched Ava… I didn’t really get to go back to sleep because our little monster was shouting at the top of her lungs. And when I mean shouting, I am seriously not kidding. She was yelling dadadadadadadaddadadadadadadda all morning. I finally thought it was a lost cause to try to rest my eyes any longer and came out and joined in on the excitement. I mean just look at those eyes and that wild hair, does she seriously look like she could even be kind of quiet???? ummm no. We are really in for it I fear, but even though she is loud I am so stinkin crazy about her and her loudness, and smile, and every ounce of her!

And I am pretty sure she gets her wild hair from her dad… I know the pediatrician says she gets her wild eyebrows from me (rude, yes) but the hair and oh that loudness thing she must get from her dad! Gosh they are cute!

One thing after another…

Ava is almost 7 months now and she is just changing and growing like nobody’s business. It’s crazy how much they change in a very short time. It’s like we went from eating solids to getting up on all fours. Pretty soon she will be everywhere and then walking! AHHHHHH! She has also been getting much louder these days. I don’t know where she gets that from,  but she sure is a talker! 😉 Well here are some of her latest moves….

she is all over the rocking on all fours.

not sure of this face, but hey she's a Munson


having a great time

And we are back at it!




Oh yeah!

So I have to apologize for how bad I am at writing on this blog. So much for documenting my child’s life when it happens. So anyhoo, last week sometime we decided to introduce Ava to the world of solids. I know she is over 6 months now but we figured that giving her breast milk was and still is the best thing nutritionally for her. So back to last week. We busted out the rice cereal which is pretty bland and watched her expressions.


In the mouth it goes...

wait for it…….wait for it….


thinking about it...


And we liked it!!!! Yay the crowd goes wild!~

What a big girl we have now, eating solid foods and whatnot. Just for the record we had a very first banana today and we ate half of it!