Monthly Archives: December 2009

What a weekend!

This weekend was a go, go, go kind of weekend but it was filled with lots of fun, fun,fun! We started Saturday morning off with brunch in our PJ’s at the Johnston’s. It turned out to be a long day of fun hanging out with many people from our church. We love our church family! Anyhow,  Steve, Ava and I love the Johnston’s and our other friends the Balint’s who joined us. Its fun because Ava is the same age as the Balint’s first and the Johnston’s third!

Ava and Lydi have matching Pj’s and Jack loves stealing Ava’s binkies. Oh Jack Jack you are a sneaky one.

Yup this is the pregnant lady cooking us all breakfast. She is Jack’s mom and pregnant with her fourth boy! Can we say WOW! And  I think she looks amazing for being pregnant withe her fourth in well… basically 4 years. She says they are done after this one…. but we will see.


Yup and this is what the dad’s did when the pregnant lady was in the kitchen slaving over breakfast. Don’t worry I did help her. I’m such a good friend. 🙂 For a brief moment it seemed like 3 out of the 6 adults who were there were on their Iphones though…..come on people let’s be social and interactive with the people in the room. I really want an Iphone but then again sometimes it seems like people get lost in these new amazing new phones….

This is the Johnston’s first born, Toby. Since the Johnston’s have 3 boys and 1 more coming…. they call all girls princesses. The first thing Toby did when we showed up was go straight to Ava. He loves Ava. I see wedding bells in the future.

This is the Johnston’s 2nd born. This is Chase and he is just a cutie! He is also hilarious.

And then there is Jack, the binkie stealer.

Any how we hung out for pretty much all day, then I raced home and made brownies for the ladies night out. We played a wild game of Bunco and chatted away the evening. Then we woke up for church the next morning and heard a great yet simple message on worshipping before serving. It went with the passage in the Bible on Mary and Martha. Mary worshipped and Martha was all worried about serving without worshipping first. It was good stuff. Then we topped the day off with a Birthday party for our 3 year old friend Owen. It was a nice way to top off the weekend. Like I said it was a go,go,go weekend but it was fun seeing so many people!