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a little bit scary

Well about 2 weeks ago it was around 11:00 at night and we heard this bang bang bang coming from out sweet Ava’s room. Weird we thought, so we ran in to find her standing up. I know this would not be as alarming had we  have had the mattress lowered earlier. But you can imagine my freak out moment when I saw my daughter standing up, with a huge grin on her face, and the top of the crib reaching near her waist. Steve and I looked at one another and decided we needed to lower the crib mattress quite a bit just in case Miss Ava decided to try that again….

As you can see the top of the crib is now at her armpits. I don’t think she will be escaping anytime soon. Hopefully…

As you can see Ava was not worried about the new thing she had accomplished, unlike her parents.

And she is so proud of herself.

Well as the week progressed and we noticed some developmental changes in Miss Ava.

Like pulling herself up on the printer. This seemed normal since the printer is low to the ground and easy to pull up on. Ava practiced and practiced and practiced. Then one day out of nowhere she crawled over to the couch, reached one hand up and then the other…. and BAM!

just like that she was standing. Steve and I look at each other in sheer horror. She made it look like she had done it for weeks. But we soon found out that she hadn’t because her balance became wobbly, one thing led to another, and down came Ava, cradle and all. Needless to say she has a few bumps and bruises on her noggin right now, but the girl just perseveres. Oh the days ahead of us are starting to look a bit scarier….. watch out walkers because Ava is on her way!


Ava’s first Christmas!

yeah yeah I know it’s like 3+ weeks after Christmas but things have settled down (sort of) and I can sit down and show you some more of the fun times we had over the Christmas break!

Where I left off was here…

Then we went to Idaho to visit Steve’s family.

This is Ava and her Papa! This is Steve’s dad and all 6 of his gand kids adore him!

She really does love him!

Then there are the cousins. This is Abbi and Alex! They liked having a baby at the house!

And I am a big fan of Alex, just because he liked the bucks! Good job Alex!

Here are two more cousins, Mason and Tristan. And miss Kyla couldn’t make it this time, she is the oldest. It’s exciting because there are 3 boys and now with Ava 3 girls. Good even number of grandkids. But I’m sure we will eventually mess it up by having more kiddos.

Here are all of the stockings hanging in a row. Which I think is crazy how this is just Steve’s immediate step family. Fun times Fun times. So here is the rest of the fam and all of the fun times opening gifts and hanging out with one another.

Barbie and Tom! The newlyweds….and oh Miss Ava Joy again! She sure is a cutie!

Looking at her new presents and cuddling with mom! Oh how I love her cuddles!

And then Christmas was over and we had to say good bye!

Merry be-lated Christmas!!!

Come and gone…

Wow. I don’t even know what happened to December. The last 2 weeks have flown by so quickly it’s a wonder I even had time to take some pictures. Two saturdays ago it started off by hanging out with some of my college friends up in Portland.

It was fun. We ate homemade soup which Abby made, talked about life and then went to see some fun lights on peacock lane. I just think it would be fun to live on a street called Peacock lane.

It was funny while we were there, because Ava started to make this smile. It’s her new camera smile. I think it is so cute and I laughed pretty hard at her making it. Here’s that smile again. We are on our adventure to peacock lane.

The next day my parents and brother came to town and we had Ava’s first Christmas! It was fun but I think a bit overwhelming for Ava. There was so much paper and lots of toys that flashed lights and made sounds. It was a crazy time.

Here’s the first one. Can you see the excitement on her face?

And the unwrapping begins!

This toy has lights and is super intriguing.

Serious about the new toys…you like the arm in this one?

And boy are we tired!

I will blog about the rest of the Christmas break later. There is just so much that happened in such a small amount of time.