Ava’s first Christmas!

yeah yeah I know it’s like 3+ weeks after Christmas but things have settled down (sort of) and I can sit down and show you some more of the fun times we had over the Christmas break!

Where I left off was here…

Then we went to Idaho to visit Steve’s family.

This is Ava and her Papa! This is Steve’s dad and all 6 of his gand kids adore him!

She really does love him!

Then there are the cousins. This is Abbi and Alex! They liked having a baby at the house!

And I am a big fan of Alex, just because he liked the bucks! Good job Alex!

Here are two more cousins, Mason and Tristan. And miss Kyla couldn’t make it this time, she is the oldest. It’s exciting because there are 3 boys and now with Ava 3 girls. Good even number of grandkids. But I’m sure we will eventually mess it up by having more kiddos.

Here are all of the stockings hanging in a row. Which I think is crazy how this is just Steve’s immediate step family. Fun times Fun times. So here is the rest of the fam and all of the fun times opening gifts and hanging out with one another.

Barbie and Tom! The newlyweds….and oh Miss Ava Joy again! She sure is a cutie!

Looking at her new presents and cuddling with mom! Oh how I love her cuddles!

And then Christmas was over and we had to say good bye!

Merry be-lated Christmas!!!

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