a little bit scary

Well about 2 weeks ago it was around 11:00 at night and we heard this bang bang bang coming from out sweet Ava’s room. Weird we thought, so we ran in to find her standing up. I know this would not be as alarming had we  have had the mattress lowered earlier. But you can imagine my freak out moment when I saw my daughter standing up, with a huge grin on her face, and the top of the crib reaching near her waist. Steve and I looked at one another and decided we needed to lower the crib mattress quite a bit just in case Miss Ava decided to try that again….

As you can see the top of the crib is now at her armpits. I don’t think she will be escaping anytime soon. Hopefully…

As you can see Ava was not worried about the new thing she had accomplished, unlike her parents.

And she is so proud of herself.

Well as the week progressed and we noticed some developmental changes in Miss Ava.

Like pulling herself up on the printer. This seemed normal since the printer is low to the ground and easy to pull up on. Ava practiced and practiced and practiced. Then one day out of nowhere she crawled over to the couch, reached one hand up and then the other…. and BAM!

just like that she was standing. Steve and I look at each other in sheer horror. She made it look like she had done it for weeks. But we soon found out that she hadn’t because her balance became wobbly, one thing led to another, and down came Ava, cradle and all. Needless to say she has a few bumps and bruises on her noggin right now, but the girl just perseveres. Oh the days ahead of us are starting to look a bit scarier….. watch out walkers because Ava is on her way!

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