Monthly Archives: February 2010

always back things up

So earlier this week my computer completely crashed. I realized right then and there that my computer had become and idol in my life. I knew this because I went into freak out mode and I was depressed over the fact that I needed to be on my computer and could not and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. My heart also sank into my stomach when I knew I had not backed my photos up on the external hard drive for awhile. You would think that I would have learned my lesson the first time this had happened and I lost my engagement and honeymoon photos. But amy how, today before I decided to take my computer in I decided to try it one more time and this time it booted up and it was if nothing had ever been wrong with it before. A miracle I tell ya! All of my sweet pics of Ava and her life so far are now safe and sound on the external hard drive. And as I write this Ava is now sleeping soundly, and hopefully for awhile!