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Tulips Tulips Everywhere!

Well this last weekend Steve’s dad and step mom came for a visit because Ava is turning 1 year!!!!! AHHHHHHHH! But every year since Steve and I got married, when his folks come we head out to Bauman’s farm. They love getting these incredible hanging baskets for their house in Idaho. Last year when they came (which is when Ava was born) we adventured over there with my incredibly newborn baby. (I am really not sure what I was thinking, but that is what we did.)

So to add some more spice to their trip this year we decided to tryout the Tulip Festival.

I love flowers so much and really wish these were in my backyard. There were rows and rows and rows of tulips!

We were lucky when we got there because the sun was out. But as we started to walk up and down the rows of colors scary dark clouds began to roll in.

This is what happens when you leave an almost 1 year old alone with the Tulips. She really wanted to taste the flower.

And this is what happens when you take the umbrella stroller to the tulip field.

I would have to say it was a great time with the flowers and the family!

We are hoping to add this to our annual Bauman Farm trip as well!


5 more days!

Wow! Only 5 more days until April 27th and my sweet baby girl is a 1 year old! Time sure flies. We have been so blessed by Miss Ava Joy and I am excited to see the little lady she becomes. I am already praying for her husband and my grandkids. I also pray that Steve and I can follow the Lord and only him (even though I chase after so many worldly things that will just be burned to crisp in the end) I pray that Ava will love the Lord and more so than I do. My heart is so fixated on stuff sometimes (well most of the time if I am going to be honest.) Stuff like couches, houses, better cars, nicer clothing, all of the crap that doesn’t matter at all in the eyes of God. Stuff that just distracts me away from where my heart truly needs to be. Whenever things take our eyes off of the Lord like this and places themselves in our hearts where only God needs and should be we have fallen short and worshiped idols. I truly hope that Ava doesn’t struggle with this stuff. I pray that one day many people will come to know who God is because of Ava’s heart for only Him. I hope she never feels comfortable unless it is in the hands of God. Ugh to be responsible for such a little person and know that we will answer to God someday for how we taught, instructed, and guided our children. I know we can’t do it alone and should not, but only in Christ are all things possible. So I will Thank the Lord for the responsibility before me and trust in Him to help us. So with that said here are a few cute pics of our family as of March 2010 (taken by some great friends!) I hope you enjoy them and please if you know God, pray that we would follow Him and only Him in this comfortable, complacent country that we live in. Many prayers to you as well if you have children and are raising them to be God fearing adults! Many blessings and know that children are your blessing, not things…. ok I’m done with my rant. ๐Ÿ™‚

and one more…

Everything Ava can do now that she is 11 months!

So since I choose to blog like 5 blogs at a time (this is an exaggeration) here is another one for today! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am writing to inform me (when I look back on the things I wrote) and you (the viewer) of what sort of fun things Miss Ava does as of today…. so here we go!

says “uh oh”

“oooooh” with her little lips pursed out

when she gets told “no” now her lips also purse out just before she gets sad and starts to cry

says” ba ba” meaning ball

can finally crawl, yes she is almost a year and literally started crawling at 10 months. She used to swim and now she crawls.

gets more beautiful everyday

(I just love those eyes)

can turn the lights off when on her changing table

learned to crawl up stairs this week

she loves other children. she is thrilled when she sees other little people and tends to shriek.

She lets us know when she is “all done” after eating.

She can throw a ball.

She can wave goodbye and an occasional blowing kiss.

She spits while drinking out of her sippy cup, which takes real talent because I have tried to figure it out and cannot.

She can now put herself to sleep at bedtime with no fussing and sleeps from 7pm to either 5 or 7am. (Thank you Jesus!)

She is getting so big. It makes me sad and excited all at the same time. Oh the joys of being a mom!

On top of spaghetti

Steve came through the door tonight, glanced at Ava, and thought she had cut her head open. But no, this is just the way her mom lets her eat her food. And if you knew Miss Ava like I do, it’s just a battle I’m not willing to fight with her on. I know there are battles that I choose to win, and I know there will be many more that I will need to win, but this one… well she can paint spaghetti sauce all over her body, tray and the like. ย The girl likes to feed herself and thats that.

You would think that her weight would move from the 12% to a much higher one since she obviously likes to eat.

And this is what dinner looks like at the Munson house!