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How does this happen?

Well it has been a month since Ava turned 1 years old. I cannot believe it has been a year since she entered the world and blessed us in so many ways and I cannot believe it has been a month since she turned a year. How does all of that time go by so quickly?  Well we had a wonderful celebration for Miss Ava. Lots of people came to celebrate. Here are some fun pics from her 1st ever Birthday Party!

Let the present opening begin!

What do we have here? It seems like we have help…

and more help…

and more help!

Ava has a lot of people who love her! A lot!

This was one of Ava’s favorite gifts. She kept hugging it.

I had no idea a 1 year old could be so excited about her new goodies. And the fun paper that comes inside of the bags! Oh I love this little girl so much and her sweetness.

Lots of hugs were given. Did I mention Ava is such a lover? Oh her heart to love people is so amazing. I hope she never ever losses it!

And to finish the party off we have Ava and her two besties! They are all around the same age and they see each other often!

Some quick 1 years old Ava facts:

She can say: uhoh, mama, dadadada, ewwww, ohhhh, wow, kkkkk (kitty and other animals), bye, hi, ball, and lllelly bu (belly button).

The week she turned 1, she got two more teeth on the top, totaling 4 teeth at a little over a year.

Ava could walk but chooses not to. She is a master crawler and knee walker. Yes she walks and walks very quickly on her knees.

Ava loves giving hugs and pat pats on the back, sometimes if we are lucky we even get a real kiss without teeth bites!

She loves playing with her ball popper and grabbing the balls and throwing them.

She could eat blueberries at every meal and never get tire of them.

She loves pushing her toys through the cat door into the garage to the kitty.

She absolutely loves the cat and all animals.

And we love her more than she knows!