Pretty much a great week!

Let’s journey back to June 26th 2010… Things have just been fun and exciting since the 26th. My birthday came and went, we went camping, and then we celebrated the 4th like 3 times! Yup, it’s been pretty stinkin fun around here lately.

So a few days before my birthday some our friends and us decided to go camping down in Grants Pass. It was wonderful. Now it wasn’t roughing it too hard kind of camping, there was a toilet, kitchen, grill, a pool, and incredible grass that felt like carpet. I had my blowup mattress and down comforter. This was plush camping at its finest and not only were the amenities wonderful, the company was amazing with 3 other couples and their kiddos as well.

This was our bath night at our place we stayed! We washed every kiddo in those 2 tubs and by the end they were not so clean looking.

And these are the husbands. Yup, mine is the one with the cut off sleeves. I am proud to be his wife.

No, seriously I am. We had such a fun time camping with these families, I really hope we do it again soon. We had no agenda, just hang out in the sun, eat, and talk a lot and laughed even more. Couldn’t have been a better time!

Then to top off the week we did the 4th thing in good ol’ Monmouth/Independence Oregon. Let me tell you when people in these towns come together for the 4th it is like nothing else you have ever seen. Chairs line the streets in anticipation for the children’s parade and the town parade days before the event! No joke. But anyhow we got to celebrate 3 times for the 4th! Oh yeah! Once on Saturday the 3rd and twice on the 4th! I love gatherings like BBQ’s! Anyhow here are some photos of the 4th and the children’s parade, and yes we participated in it. We are definitely townies!

Me and my preggo friend Lisa!

The girls!

And hot Ava.

Welp that was it! A birthday, camping trip and 3 BBQ’s later = one very fun week!

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