Monthly Archives: August 2010

16 months today!

Well Ava is 16 months today! Wow! And I really am the worse blogger ever. Too much has happened to update you from the last post which was in the beginning of July…. so we will just say…. Steve turned 30, we found out we are pregnant with baby #2 and our garden is growing very very well. And updates on what Ava can do now…. she still walks on her knees, when she pushes her stroller around the house she wooo’s because that is the example I set for her, she can say “no” and “no no” and shake her head no while saying “no,” I am not sure if we might say this word too much, but she does use it in the correct way… Ava also eats all sorts of things, she gets more beautiful everyday, she can also say nigh nigh when it’s time for bed. That is about all. Alrighty now on to some cute pics of my sweet baby girl!

Love her big baby blues.

Wearing my shoes.

Her new hat from Seattle.

Cleaning blackberries off of her body!

Finally produce from our garden!

Welp there you have it folks…. see you in a few months (hopefully not.)