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Look at all of the new things I can do!

It seems like ever since Ava started walking about 3 weeks ago (on her 18 month birthday) she has also started to do a ton more things as well. She loves stickers for one thing. For awhile she would ask, in her Ava voice and with her Ava words, for me to take the stickers off of the sheet. But recently she has figured out how to take them off herself. New independence I tell ya! Now she places them everywhere. We put them on our faces, the furniture, floors, dolls, really anywhere you can think of.

And since she has been walking, she has also tried some new things out with her body as well.

Butt up in the air looking under her legs. I really couldn’t have asked for a cooler kid. She is amazing and my heart melts every morning I see her!

Some other funny things she has been doing this week are: rararrararrararra (in a deep low voice), with palms pressing towards the ceiling in front of her she makes her hands go up and down as fast as they can go, she also likes to lean her head into her shoulder and say nigh night and have you do the same and then she says rarrrr and wakes you up. It all is quite entertaining. To top off this blog I just have to say that I am so thankful that I get to see Ava everyday and watch her learn new things. I’m sure there are many other things that she does that I see everyday, but I am so thankful. I am so thankful I don’t have to wake her up any earlier than 7:30 or 8:00 right now to rush her off to daycare. I love my job as a full-time mom, house wife, domestic goddess, and whatever a woman who is a wife and mother first can call herself. Well there you have it. Life at it’s best, hanging out with a toddler day in and day out and loving every minute of it.


Drum role please…

And it’s a GIRL!

After going back and forth and back and forth on whether to find out the sex of baby #2 at today’s ultrasound appointment I went with a fairly confident tell me! I was pretty sure it was a girl, but then there is always that second guessing issue I tend to do often, like when I took exams in college. Always go with your first instinct! So baby girl #2 will be debuting sometime around March 19th if all goes well.

This is me at around 18 weeks!

Oh the joys of carrying around an amazing work of art God is working on and will continue to do so until well the end. I am excited to see what this kiddo looks like and what she is all about. But less I dream about the future too much… I am having a great time getting to know baby #1 who is pretty much a toddler and is one special little person to me.

I am so thankful God created me to be a mom and I look forward to perfecting this career as mom as the years role on by!

Too much to say

Well I must apologize for not blogging for a very very long time. Longer than usual that is for sure. But much has happened. On Oct. 18th, 9 days shy of being 18 months old,  Miss Ava started walking one evening. It was such an exciting evening. Miss Ava has been walking on her knees for months and months. I started wondering if she had just started to think she was walking on her knees and would never actually really walk. But low and behold she walks!

I know this is not the best photo, but she is really moving.

New things Ava does now that she is the BIG 18 months is:

highfives, pounding it, saying yes while pulling her arm into herself, mimics me more than I realize, says go, mine (which I’m not a fan of,) thank you and please sometime without signing, and I think thats about it for doing new stuff.

Also with the excitement of walking we are 20 weeks pregnant this week as well!

Alright from here on out I will do a better job at blogging, I will do a better job at blogging, I will do a better job at blogging.