Drum role please…

And it’s a GIRL!

After going back and forth and back and forth on whether to find out the sex of baby #2 at today’s ultrasound appointment I went with a fairly confident tell me! I was pretty sure it was a girl, but then there is always that second guessing issue I tend to do often, like when I took exams in college. Always go with your first instinct! So baby girl #2 will be debuting sometime around March 19th if all goes well.

This is me at around 18 weeks!

Oh the joys of carrying around an amazing work of art God is working on and will continue to do so until well the end. I am excited to see what this kiddo looks like and what she is all about. But less I dream about the future too much… I am having a great time getting to know baby #1 who is pretty much a toddler and is one special little person to me.

I am so thankful God created me to be a mom and I look forward to perfecting this career as mom as the years role on by!

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