Monthly Archives: February 2011

2 months late

woops, I guess I forgot about the blogging world for a while. Not that I am really all that good at keeping up on it, but seriously 2 months. Ugh. Well today I am officially 33 weeks pregnant that means 7+/- weeks to go! Craziness I know. Well as I sit here I am longing to go take a nap but my 21 month old refuses to fall asleep for a nap. It has been 2 hours now. So maybe I will catch you up on all of the things we have been up to here, why I wait and wait and wait. It is really amazing the little person she is becoming. She can do and say so much now. Steve and I counted one night and she can say over 50 words and counting. She loves coloring. Her new thing to do is steal our shoes and wear them around the house. It is quite cute and entertaining. I honestly don’t know what we would do without her. I know God calls children a blessing and she is definitely that and more. She brings life to our adult ways of living.

So anyhow since I am catching you up on life… I have to share this story before I forget, well actually I am not really sure if I ever will forget… anyhow I refuse to post photos because this story is somewhat traumatic and I am sure my sweet little girl who brings us much life, would prefer (obviously when she is older) that the pics never made it on the internet. Anyhow the story goes something like this…

So about 2 weeks ago, (like I said I am horrible at blogging) I had just put my sweet sweet girl to bed. My hubby was not home and so I was excited to get something to drink, put my pregnant legs up on the table and sit back and relax in the quietness of my home. All of a sudden I heard some action coming from Ava’s room. So I decided I should check on her in case she had a poopy diaper. Upon opening the door I smell the odor which would indicate that my assumptions were correct. So I walk closer to the crib to find no clothing on my child. An even closer look brought sheer horror, when I noticed there was also no diaper. I switched on the lights in panic. It smelled like poop, and the kid was naked. EEEEEK!!!!! All of a sudden I noticed poop in her hand and her tummy covered in the smelly junk. What in the world was I to do???? No husband around, naked child with unmentionables all over her body, pregnant lady standing and wanting to relax. Ugh ugh ugh I thought and must have said out loud. My sweet pea started to cry and I had to keep her from wiping her eyes. To end the story I finally got her cleaned up and back in bed. It was definitely a night I would rather not repeat ever again. So there ya go, exciting story for the books and I think I will now sit back and relax.