Monthly Archives: March 2011

38 1/2 weeks pregnant and a 22 month old.

Some days I think I might be going a little crazy. I have a toddler running around, definitely shineing her terrible two’s, ¬†and I am getting so close to my due date! Only 11 days to go until the EDD (estimated due date.)

Here is a wonderful belly pic at 36 weeks. I have honestly been horrible at taking belly pics this time, just like I am great at updating my blog :). But here it is. For the most part I have been eating fairly healthy. Our birthing teachers tell us 80-100 grams of protein everyday. I am pretty sure it is a good diet, because my first pregnancy and birth went as well as I could have expected. I am attributing it to the protein. Except for the evenings I let loose and have a bowl of sugary cereal, like this evening (I know pretty wild right?) I don’t know what was up when I went grocery shopping yesterday but some of my items included: Captain Crunch, Cadberry Chocolate eggs, and Tazo Chai. Perfect pregnancy diet if you ask me.

Anyhow back to the craziness. I know all pregnancies are different, but this time around I feel so moody. I really don’t like the way I react and act sometimes. It is very ugly. I honestly feel like a crazy lady sometimes… maybe it’s all of the sugar I’ve been consuming.

Anyhow here is my crazy toddler and her crazy dad. I think they are pretty cute and they look more and more alike all of the time.