38 1/2 weeks pregnant and a 22 month old.

Some days I think I might be going a little crazy. I have a toddler running around, definitely shineing her terrible two’s,  and I am getting so close to my due date! Only 11 days to go until the EDD (estimated due date.)

Here is a wonderful belly pic at 36 weeks. I have honestly been horrible at taking belly pics this time, just like I am great at updating my blog :). But here it is. For the most part I have been eating fairly healthy. Our birthing teachers tell us 80-100 grams of protein everyday. I am pretty sure it is a good diet, because my first pregnancy and birth went as well as I could have expected. I am attributing it to the protein. Except for the evenings I let loose and have a bowl of sugary cereal, like this evening (I know pretty wild right?) I don’t know what was up when I went grocery shopping yesterday but some of my items included: Captain Crunch, Cadberry Chocolate eggs, and Tazo Chai. Perfect pregnancy diet if you ask me.

Anyhow back to the craziness. I know all pregnancies are different, but this time around I feel so moody. I really don’t like the way I react and act sometimes. It is very ugly. I honestly feel like a crazy lady sometimes… maybe it’s all of the sugar I’ve been consuming.

Anyhow here is my crazy toddler and her crazy dad. I think they are pretty cute and they look more and more alike all of the time.

One response to “38 1/2 weeks pregnant and a 22 month old.

  • Jacqueline Nicolet

    I am so excited that I found your blog. You are doing such a great job of writing your adventures down and making life come alive in new ways. Your photos are amazing. It made me feel so close to you to be able to read your words and see photos. It made my heart so full of joy. Keep up the good work wonderful friend. I love you lots. Praying for you and Baby number 2! You’re going to be such an awesome, beautiful, godly mama of 2 beautiful girls!

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