Charis makes her debut!

Today is Sunday April, 3 and it has been a very long last 2 weeks. We recently just birthed our second little girl coming in at a whopping 9 lbs. 3 oz. and 21 inches long on March 25th @ 9:23am. Holy Moses!

It’s been a long last 2 weeks because my Estimated Due Date was March 19th. The 25th is 6 days later. Those 6 days seemed like an eternity. I went on long walks, drank castor oil, ate spicy foods, jumped up and down, and many other get the baby out kind of things. 😉 😉 The days just seemed to drag on and on and on and no baby. I kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I started to panic at times for fear I would birth a large baby… (and boy did I birth a large baby.) I honestly thought ohhhh 8 lbs. But that obviously was not the case, as you can see from the broad chest and many squishy leg roles, she was no small baby.

Ok so we will back up a bit and I’ll give you a play by play of the birth.

So 11:30pm March 24th I awoke from my sleep, either had just peed my pants or something else happened. I realized I had just had a much larger than normal Braxton hicks contraction that had made me pee. After that it was on. By Midnight contractions started and never let up. From the get go they were 3 minutes apart and about 1 min long. ohhhhhhh boy! At first they hurt, but Steve was the best coach a girl could have and he would encourage me to relax. Once I started doing that it didn’t hurt so much. I could feel Charis being pushed down with every contraction. By 5am I told Steve he needed to call our friend Lisa stat to come to our house for Miss Ava. He kept asking if maybe we should wait, and I assured him that was a bad idea. So he called Lisa and she was there quickly. We got to the hospital by 6 am ish. I asked for a wheel chair, because I knew from last time any movement on my part would start the puking. So here I come entering the birthing floor in my wheel chair totally zoned into what I was doing. They offered me one of those stunningly sexy hospital gowns and into the bed I went.

I was left alone for a while which is always nice when you are in labor. Not too many questions were asked. I opted out of the IV because I don’t like needles or the thought of being tied down to something when I am working hard. My nurse midwife was Susan Heinz and she was a godsend (she’s the one in the green scrubs ;). My nurse on the other hand was a bit apprehensive on every decision we had made on our birth plan or so it had seemed. (She didn’t want to be in any pic… Debbie downer I think so.)

For example, when it came time to push Charis out, she kept checking the heart rate and suggesting it was dropping. My nurse midwife assured it was fine. When Charis came out and we wanted to nurse her right away, she wanted to wash the baby. Our nurse midwife told her to leave us alone. I was waiting for some serious hospital throw down to begin. Anyhow…

At around 8:45 ish I said I thought I needed to push. So they finally checked me and lo and behold I was 10 cm. It was funny, because the nurse told me later that she didn’t realize that I was so far into my labor and ready to push. Relaxing will fool anyone 😉 Anyhow they suggested I go to the bathroom. That was all fine and dandy until (yup I moved) and I started throwing up everywhere. At least I was cleaned out.

Then as I was pushing Miss Charis out, my water Popped! all over the place. I’m not going to lie, last time pushing Ava out was a bit easier (well she was 7lbs 7oz) but I felt as if my body did a lot of the work. I just felt my body pushing her out. This time around I knew the baby had to come out, but my body wasn’t doing anything about it. Oh crap I thought. So I started just making my body push and push and push. I started to wonder if this baby was going to get stuck and never come out. I mean she was 6 days late and all. But finally when I thought It wasn’t going to happen, bam! Welcome Charis Grace Munson! And looking at her, I went woa, that is no small baby.









And there you have it folks. Act 1 of the story of Miss Charis Grace. She is a chunk and my friend Dana calls her fat tiny, which I think is cute.

Ava even likes her.


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