A 2 year old and 1 month old.

Sheesh! Where did the time go? I cannot believe our oldest is 2! It’s exciting and sad all at the same time. I do love how Ava is growing though. For example her sentance structure astounds me all of the time. For example ” Bye mom, I going shopping.” “I like mommy, I like daddy, I like Lyddy, I like so on and so forth.” Words that she said almost right just a few weeks ago now sound correct. Such as neno to nemo. I do love seeing her grow and am thankful I get to do it all over again with my little squish.

I love seeing Ava’s clothes all over again on Charis. And maybe we will have more kiddos and do it over again, again.

Anyhow life in our house has still bee somewhat chaotic. I don’t know when things level out with having a newborn, but I feel like they still have not leveled. To back up for just a bit we left the hospital with our sweet baby 6 days after she was born.

It was one of the roughest weeks of my entire life. Our sweet baby girl had to get IV antibiotics due to an infection. Her little IV had to be moved 3 times in the 5 days she was on meds. During the stay my entire family got the flu: Ava, my folks, and Steve. I got moved 4 times and my last room had no windows. I think I experienced every emotion one can experience while at the hospital. The excitement and sheer joy of birthing a baby. The shock that she was a 9 pounder. The fear of getting a blood test and spinal tap. loneliness of not seeing my family for half of the time. Complete out of controlness. sadness, despair, the list could go on and on. I may blog about my stay later, but needless to say it was an adventure and an incredibly hard experience. This photo however marks us all being reunited and leaving the dungeon (room with no windows.)

But even though it was a glorious day to leave that big brick building, it has been an adjustment on life. I am usually tired, due to nursing at night. I am pretty sure I live on caffeine, which is not necessarily a good thing. I am trying to figure out how to be patient, loving, and a disciplinary with my sweet Ava.

I have learned in my 5 weeks as a mom of two that having Ava be my big helper, keeps my sanity in place. She helps get the wipes, she throws the diapers away. She kisses Charis over and over again (we are still working on not kissing her lips/nose and then staying there for a lonnnnng time.) She really is a big help and she loves baby Charis.

Unfortunately she is 2 and with that comes a bit of attitude and sass.

I am learning on how to give Ava boundaries but not snatch away her personality and joy. It’s hard some days when all you hear is whining not to get irritated. But then there are days like today, when I didn’t feel like Ava was competing with anyone or thing for my attention. It was a great day today!

And with great days come great outfits. She did throw her pj’s off and run to get her new rain boots, which she calls rain boots. Even though some days are rougher than others I absolutely love being a mommy of two sweet and I think pretty stinkin cute girls!

2 responses to “A 2 year old and 1 month old.

  • Jacqueline Nicolet

    You have such beautiful girls! I love reading your blog! Thank you for being so real and open about motherhood. I can only imagine how great of a mother you are! Love you lots

  • Laura Paulescu

    Saying a prayer for you today, sweet friend! Your girls are so lovely, and I’m sure you are the best mommy you can be every day to them! Like Jax said, thanks for being real & open about how hard mommyhood can be! Love you & I can’t wait to meet Charis hopefully in the near future 🙂

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