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The sweetness of Charis

Yesterday we went in the backyard to blow bubbles and tend to the strawberry patch which has gotten out of control, yay strawberries! And this one was fairly content hanging out in her vibrating chair just taking in the scenery. Here is sweet Charis!

She's going to be a real heart breaker someday.


Way too fast!

Yikes! I don’t even know where the time has gone. My kids are growing up way too fast and I feel like I am aging overnight, which is actually true but I would prefer to not get any older. Charis turned 12 weeks on Friday the 17th. Sunday, 2 days later, she decided it was time to roll from her back to her tummy. Not tummy to back, but back to tummy! I thought, this must be a fluke. But the next day it happened again.

She makes me nervous because she is much more “active” if you will than Ava ever was. This one has a bit more spunk.

She will be walking in no time! I mean look at that face, she has trouble written all over it. Luckily for me, her older sister will hopefully simmer her down a bit…

Ava is sweet and “cautious” (that’s what the pediatrician says it is) but boy does this girl have a set of lungs. She seems quiet and she is pretty sweet, but this girl also sass and a very loud mouth.

Yup there is the mouth in all of its glory. Poor Charis has a tough time sleeping in this house, but watch out Ava this baby will be a bit more agile than you. You may be able to out talk her, but I fear she may out run you someday.

Oh yeah, did I mention I cut Ava’s hair? Well I did.

Before and After. I am not gonna lie, it makes my stomach turn a bit when I see the new doo. I went in for a trim and I took off about 2 inches! Im not going to say it was a proud mamma moment, but it will grow and we will just say its nice for the summer.

Proverbs 31 woman, epic fail

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning!

So I wish I had pictures of last nights events. I know to some it wont even surprise you, that is if you have kids, and the ones who don’t, this is just a taste of what having kiddos is all about.

So after having a baby in the house again you realize the sleep you once had truly seems like a dream. I think on a regular night I wake up every 3 hours, not bad. Then there are the occasional nights that it’s every hour and you truly wonder what you got yourself into. Then there are the nights like last night…

This sweet baby girl slept for 4.5 hours!

But the hours she slept were in my arms. (I know she is cute that’s why I let her sleep in my arms, of yeah and I love her a lot a lot!) When this sleeping takes place for me, I have a few more hours of sleep, but my shoulder is usually kinked in some odd way holding her that is hurts in the morning. Well I woke up after 4.5 glorious hours of sleep and fed the sweet girl and finally laid her in her cradle, when all of sudden yelling came from the room next to us. It was our toddler.

You see, we recently took her binkie (because she is now 2) and she has been doing pretty good. But last night she couldn’t fall back to sleep. This was about an hours worth, of rubbing her back, cuddling then placing back in crib, so on and so forth. Finally the baby was asleep, so I snatched up the toddler and she slept in my arms until the baby awoke again. This was just in time for Steve to wake up for work, so I fed, then crawled in on Steve’s side of the bed with baby in hand and lulled myself and the baby back to sleep, all the while the toddler snored away on my side of the bed.

So I tell you this story because I have been reading proverbs 31 and am in a get up and in the word accountability group. I know my God is big and gives me grace upon grace. I have read that the proverbs 31 lady gets up before her family. I actually haven’t done this yet. It is a goal and lemme tell you it’s going to take that power that raised Jesus from the dead to get me up before my family. I can get in the word no problem right now (emphasize *right now*) but the up before ugh. So what do I find as I rolled out of bed sleepy eyed this morning??? My amazingly sweet husband, who humbles my heart through Gods Grace, has made me breakfast and done the dishes. According to the word I *feel* like I should do this for him and the rest of the family. I do desire to be like that lady in the word and will hopefully one of these days roll out of bed before anyone else. But today I will receive Grace and be Humbled because I know I can’t do it on my own.

Now onto what the day holds with sleepy kiddos and yup!

Doing it!

I am so determined to sit down right now and skip me drifting off to dream land, while my kiddos nap, to update you on who knows how many weeks…

We will start with Today! (I even took a story line of pics) This morning we woke up and it was forecasted to be sunny! Yes! 75 degrees and I am stoked and rearing to get things done so that I can appreciate this weather. This is how it all started. Toddler sitting nicely on the floor looking at books, while almost 11 week old sits mesmerized by things dangling above her. Day off to a great start!

Yup my kiddos are cute and I love them a ton!

There were no dishes to be done this morning! *big grin*

I made myself a nice cold chai and a cheese omelette and sat on the couch for a few to read proverbs 9. Good start to the day. It’s nap time now, like I mentioned before and I need to grab some of it before the kiddos wake up and it becomes something I long for at 6pm this evening when I can’t make it because I am already sleep deprived enough as it is. 🙂 I spent the rest of the morning: Dusting, adding lettuce to the garden, hanging up cloth diapers on the clothes line for the first time (just call me haley homemaker,) and hanging with my kiddos in our amazing backyard. So for now, good night and I’ll post more pics later? 😉