Doing it!

I am so determined to sit down right now and skip me drifting off to dream land, while my kiddos nap, to update you on who knows how many weeks…

We will start with Today! (I even took a story line of pics) This morning we woke up and it was forecasted to be sunny! Yes! 75 degrees and I am stoked and rearing to get things done so that I can appreciate this weather. This is how it all started. Toddler sitting nicely on the floor looking at books, while almost 11 week old sits mesmerized by things dangling above her. Day off to a great start!

Yup my kiddos are cute and I love them a ton!

There were no dishes to be done this morning! *big grin*

I made myself a nice cold chai and a cheese omelette and sat on the couch for a few to read proverbs 9. Good start to the day. It’s nap time now, like I mentioned before and I need to grab some of it before the kiddos wake up and it becomes something I long for at 6pm this evening when I can’t make it because I am already sleep deprived enough as it is. 🙂 I spent the rest of the morning: Dusting, adding lettuce to the garden, hanging up cloth diapers on the clothes line for the first time (just call me haley homemaker,) and hanging with my kiddos in our amazing backyard. So for now, good night and I’ll post more pics later? 😉


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