July, the 4th, and some

Yup here it is, the monthly update!

Charis is 3 months old this month! Wow does time ever fly.

and Ava is doing a great job at being a 2 year old.

She truly amazes me everyday, but we will save that for another blog.

We had an awesome 4th! We live in a little town that connected to another little town called, Independence, so the 4th is kind of a big deal here. We start the celebrating literally on the 1st of July. People save their parade spot by putting out chairs on the sidewalks 2-3 days in advance. It’s rather crazy. Then the parade starts with the children’s parade.

We decorate wagons, strollers, bikes, and whatever else a kid can be wheeled in and stroll down the street. Its mad chaos but well worth it, because it’s the 4th. Then you find your family on the sidewalk and join them for the next bit. This would be a race. Then the real parade begins. This year it was a bit too long if you ask me. But hey what else are we gonna do in the morning on the 4th?

This would be our pastor with 2 out of 4 of his kids.

The girls, the bob, and I.

The clan, or our family is really what we call them.

Things were going great…

Then we got scared and stayed in daddy’s arms the rest of the time.

We went home after this took some naps and then headed off to a BBQ.

Fun was had by all!


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