Where did the time go?

I feel like my life has just pushed the fast forward button and it’s stuck like that. I’m not sure if I like it one bit either. Charis is 6 months as of the end of September and Ava will be 2 1/2 at the end of October. I know they still seem smallish, but heck in 16 years Ava might be off to college and we will be getting Charis ready for her Senior Year of High School. I know this all sounds depressing, but I don’t want to miss a single thing in the next 20+ years.

Anyhow back to my two munchkins which God has blessed us so abundantly with.

I just think these two girls are amazing! They are so different from one another, yet posses this incredible sweetness. I’m pretty sure if we didn’t keep an eye on Ava she would smother and suffocate Charis with loves, hugs, and kisses (these are long and usually cover poor Charis’ mouth and nose.) Anyhow Charis has hit the 6 month mark. *sigh* We moved the baby swing out of the house and brought in the bouncer. She looooooooves the bouncer. I’m pretty sure her legs are all muscle. She kicks and jumps in the bouncer, she kicks and jumps while holding her and she kicks and jumps while laying on the floor.

Last week marks the first time with solid foods. We did two days of rice cereal and moved on to avocados. I secretly don’t want to feed you solids in hopes that you wont age anymore, but I don’t think that’s probably the best idea.

Welp that’s about it for the Charis update. I will reiterate this, I really don’t want my kids growing up anymore… and just for the record I think I’ll stay the age I am now, forever as well.


One response to “Where did the time go?

  • Jacqueline Nicolet

    What beautiful and growing girls you have! My goodness, they are just beautiful! You tell them to stop growing for a little bit! Miss you Haley and wish I could watch you every moment of your motherhood. Those girls are so blessed to have you as a Mamma! Love and miss you

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