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The Pajama Drama

Phew. The kids are napping and I am sitting down with some left over enchiladas and a sanpellagrino. It has been a morning let me tell you. It’s always interesting to see what sort of battle will happen the moment you have a meeting with someone at your house. Will the toddler suddenly lash out and for someone reason be incredibly disobedient, or will your house just look unkempt and completely chaotic? Those are somewhat usual in the 720 square foot space that we live in. The unkempt part, yes (at least in my mind) the obedient child sometimes. Today though… was a whole other story.

I felt like I was doing well on time this morning (which I really struggle with). The baby was down for a nap, I was dressed (not showered, no teeth brushed, no face washed, but dressed), toddler was happy and fed, laundry was going, dishes were washed, and my 10 o’clock appointment was about to arrive. She showed up well 5 minutes early today (which is not normal). EEEEEEK! (you know you can accomplish a ton in 5 minutes). She came beaming through the door with an extra eggnog chai in hand for me. Yes! Thank you Robin! So I know what your thinking (I think) man she’s doing well. Dressed, everything seems to be going well. She has a great student to meet with who is always an encouragement, she has a free hot drink to sip on while chatting in the quietness of her house… tra la la la di dah.

Well it is so funny to me how God puts situations together for you to trust him with. Within literally 10 minutes, (a lot can happen in that time as well….) the baby woke up, and the toddler complained about a leaky diaper…. dun dun dun… First off the kid always fibs about if there is poop in her diaper when asked. This unfortunately was a leaky, cloth diaper. (Yeah we do that about 80% of the time.) The problem is that… A) we are in cloth at this very moment, B) the toddler is complaining of a leak somewhere in her footy pj’s, and C) I am supposed to be sitting down with my nice hot drink having some great deep spiritual conversation with a student… “Excuse me” I say politely…. We walk to the bedroom, unzip the footy pj’s and lo and behold massive blowout!!!!!!!!! I let out a very deep, agitated sigh.

Alright I say to myself, stay calm because people are watching… woops…. people yes, but God is too. Kid you not, there is poop up and down the outer part of my child and up and down the inside of the pj’s and I wont even tell you about the cloth diaper. I take several deep breaths. Stay calm, stay calm. In these situations I sometimes feel like this must not be my life, but then I zoom in and yup, looks like my life alright. I wrap the kid up in the pj’s and take her to the bathtub where we go into panic, breakdown mode. The whole time “the spirit of the Lord was upon me, ”  (or so I kept repeating to myself in my mind). And boy was he, and boy did I need him. I wanted to cry and freak. (No one trains you for these situations in life, no one gives you a heads up, they just happen, it’s life.) But to my amazement I was super calm. My student just waited patiently in the other room, holding the baby. (Babies are good for girls to hold when you are dealing with a crisis, it’s really just a discipleship distraction technique.) I brought the ruined pj’s to the trash can in the garage (they were toast, I don’t usually throw things like this away because I am, well I think of myself as this… environmental.) But the pj’s and the cloth diaper (yup that too, don’t judge) I put them in the trash. I’m just going to forget they even existed actually. Still while I am walking back and forth through my house, toddler is still breaking down. After the poop was definitely cleaned up and tears were done shedding, the toddler was bathed, and well things seemed alright once again, I sank into my couch to listen to the life of my student. “Boy you were calm” is all she said.

“Thanks, it’s only because I am being held accountable right now.” And I know there was a lot of truth about that statement. Because she was here when this all came barking at my door, I had to remain calm. Then I think to myself, what would have happened if God would not have allowed her to be here at that very minute. Would I have been calm? Would I have trusted my God?  Would my children’s presents been enough to hold me accountable and push me to rely on God? I sure hope so.

All I can say is I am thankful for days like this. Thankful that someone was here to hold the baby, that bleach exists, that our conversation after was awesome and encouraging, that things like this don’t happen every day, that my God is enough to help me to keep my cool and be patient, loving, kind, gentle, and compassionate in situations that really are not fun for anyone. And I am thankful for the freedom to write that I threw away pajamas and a cloth diaper and I don’t have to fear judgement from you, because I know who my judge is and my identity is found only in Him.


Well this month was off to a good start on the blog home front. I thought if I made a statement about writing every day that I would… but I guess it’s just not meant to be. I think this is because I am a mom and although I think up blog posts throughout my day, I don’t have time to sit down and blog. Or it might also be that I am lazy… hmmm. Well for now. My kids are both napping and I have many options of what I can do with the valuable time. A. clean my house. B. read. C. nap. or D. be on here. I think I will follow the blog with a nap!

Anyhow these are the kind of things we do around here when no one is watching. 🙂 I know its blurry but it’s what I got. Ava loves painting, coloring, drawing, pretty much anything artsy. I don’t know if it’s just the kind of kid she is or if all kiddos like this stuff at this age.

I shamefully write to you that we don’t do this sort of stuff enough actually. I think one of my struggles as a mom is that I want to disengage from life (not that mine is all that hard) and my vice…dun dun dun… is the stinking internet. I actually waste a ton of time on the internet. Now I know just like everything else it can be a good thing, and at times I pat myself on the back and feel like I have spent my time wisely. Other times I get sucked in. Sometimes its a covet kind of sucked in, when I read blogs of things I wish I were implementing in my life, or I see something I never knew existed and then I suddenly need it. Sometimes I feel like a fly that follows the bright, shiny, light, only to find out that its zapped me dead and sucked the life outta me. Then I turn and realize my little girl is suddenly a teen. Ok I’ve gone too far. But, it is honestly crazy to me how much she changes and grows every day.  I just want to be more conscientious of the time I have to impact the little people who live in my house. I would be broken if when they are older they thought of me as the mom who never had time to play, or had time for others and herself but not them. I really desire to be that woman in proverbs who ” Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.””

So in saying this I want to do more things like this: Paint, blow bubbles, get dirty outside, read more books, have dance parties, so on and so forth.

Alright and with that I leave you with this tear jerker of a poem. Sorry* But it gets me thinking, and I know our time is short. So here ya go!

Goodnight Kiss
By Kim Bolton 
I count it as a privilege, I count it cause for praise to kiss my children goodnight at the close of every day. 
For I know too soon they're gone and walking out the door. And I'll never have a child to kiss goodnight any more 
It's strange how times have changed from the present to the past. When did they grow so quickly- the time has flown so fast. 
For it seems like only yesterday I helped him(her) with his(her) shirt, or pat my baby on the back, or kissed away a hurt. 
Tell a story, read a book, wipe a nose, or tie a shoe. They never ask me to rub their backs the way they use to do. 
Once it was a bother, just a troublesome kind of chore. But, now I would give anything to do it just once more. 
Mommy, bounce me on your knee. Daddy, flip me in the air. Throw a rubber ball to me, and help me comb my hair. 
Mommy, tickle my tummy Daddy, hold me high. Let's go outside for a while, or make a kite to fly. 
I count it as a priviledge, I count it as a praise To kiss my children goodnight at the close of every day. 
For I know too soon they're gone and walking out the door. 
And I'll never have a child to kiss goodnight anymore!

Balancing act

Being a wife, a mom of two under the age of 2 and meeting with college girls gets pretty wild and crazy at times. I will be honest with you I often wonder how will my week-end? And sometimes wonder what I have gotten myself into? How do I pour in to young women and still make sure my family knows that they come first? How do we include our children in reaching out to students with us? How do I tend to my house without it turning into a war zone? I am constantly seeking the Lord for his wisdom and direction. For his strength and his leading.

It has been a joy so far, and definitely an encouragement to know that Ava gets excited each week we pull onto campus for our weekly gathering, she yells out in the car, “Yay Crusade!!!! Yay!” I know that our students love her to pieces and she looks forward to going to our gatherings as well. I have also started to multitask my motherly duties with my ministry duties (isn’t that how it should be all of the time? Not separate but smooshed together some how in perfect cohesion..) I decided that I must grocery shop each week, and what better way to meet with girls then to take them along for the wild Munson ride. I pray in all of this that my children see how we love others and point them to Jesus, and the girls I meet with, see how you live life, parent with love, and show your kids and others Jesus. This whole balancing act pushes me to depend on my Jesus and nothing else. Because everything else, including me, fails when we are not balanced on Jesus.

Thankful for baths and growth.

20111106-184154.jpgThis is Ava at 1 1/2

And this is Ava today at 2 1/2. So crazy how they grow and change so much. And it looks like from the first pic Ava only had 2 bottom teeth at 1 1/2… Good to know. Good to know. Now look at that smile!

Today I am thankful for…


Thankfulness Days 1 & 2

Alright this is my attempt to blog more.

So here is my 3o day challenge of blogging 30 things I am thankful for…

I am thankful for my sweet little girls who love to dress-up and play in leaves and who will not always be this little for that long.

I am thankful for Ava’s joyful spirit and spunkiness. I pray that she never gets robbed of that Joy.