Balancing act

Being a wife, a mom of two under the age of 2 and meeting with college girls gets pretty wild and crazy at times. I will be honest with you I often wonder how will my week-end? And sometimes wonder what I have gotten myself into? How do I pour in to young women and still make sure my family knows that they come first? How do we include our children in reaching out to students with us? How do I tend to my house without it turning into a war zone? I am constantly seeking the Lord for his wisdom and direction. For his strength and his leading.

It has been a joy so far, and definitely an encouragement to know that Ava gets excited each week we pull onto campus for our weekly gathering, she yells out in the car, “Yay Crusade!!!! Yay!” I know that our students love her to pieces and she looks forward to going to our gatherings as well. I have also started to multitask my motherly duties with my ministry duties (isn’t that how it should be all of the time? Not separate but smooshed together some how in perfect cohesion..) I decided that I must grocery shop each week, and what better way to meet with girls then to take them along for the wild Munson ride. I pray in all of this that my children see how we love others and point them to Jesus, and the girls I meet with, see how you live life, parent with love, and show your kids and others Jesus. This whole balancing act pushes me to depend on my Jesus and nothing else. Because everything else, including me, fails when we are not balanced on Jesus.

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