Well this month was off to a good start on the blog home front. I thought if I made a statement about writing every day that I would… but I guess it’s just not meant to be. I think this is because I am a mom and although I think up blog posts throughout my day, I don’t have time to sit down and blog. Or it might also be that I am lazy… hmmm. Well for now. My kids are both napping and I have many options of what I can do with the valuable time. A. clean my house. B. read. C. nap. or D. be on here. I think I will follow the blog with a nap!

Anyhow these are the kind of things we do around here when no one is watching. 🙂 I know its blurry but it’s what I got. Ava loves painting, coloring, drawing, pretty much anything artsy. I don’t know if it’s just the kind of kid she is or if all kiddos like this stuff at this age.

I shamefully write to you that we don’t do this sort of stuff enough actually. I think one of my struggles as a mom is that I want to disengage from life (not that mine is all that hard) and my vice…dun dun dun… is the stinking internet. I actually waste a ton of time on the internet. Now I know just like everything else it can be a good thing, and at times I pat myself on the back and feel like I have spent my time wisely. Other times I get sucked in. Sometimes its a covet kind of sucked in, when I read blogs of things I wish I were implementing in my life, or I see something I never knew existed and then I suddenly need it. Sometimes I feel like a fly that follows the bright, shiny, light, only to find out that its zapped me dead and sucked the life outta me. Then I turn and realize my little girl is suddenly a teen. Ok I’ve gone too far. But, it is honestly crazy to me how much she changes and grows every day.  I just want to be more conscientious of the time I have to impact the little people who live in my house. I would be broken if when they are older they thought of me as the mom who never had time to play, or had time for others and herself but not them. I really desire to be that woman in proverbs who ” Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.””

So in saying this I want to do more things like this: Paint, blow bubbles, get dirty outside, read more books, have dance parties, so on and so forth.

Alright and with that I leave you with this tear jerker of a poem. Sorry* But it gets me thinking, and I know our time is short. So here ya go!

Goodnight Kiss
By Kim Bolton 
I count it as a privilege, I count it cause for praise to kiss my children goodnight at the close of every day. 
For I know too soon they're gone and walking out the door. And I'll never have a child to kiss goodnight any more 
It's strange how times have changed from the present to the past. When did they grow so quickly- the time has flown so fast. 
For it seems like only yesterday I helped him(her) with his(her) shirt, or pat my baby on the back, or kissed away a hurt. 
Tell a story, read a book, wipe a nose, or tie a shoe. They never ask me to rub their backs the way they use to do. 
Once it was a bother, just a troublesome kind of chore. But, now I would give anything to do it just once more. 
Mommy, bounce me on your knee. Daddy, flip me in the air. Throw a rubber ball to me, and help me comb my hair. 
Mommy, tickle my tummy Daddy, hold me high. Let's go outside for a while, or make a kite to fly. 
I count it as a priviledge, I count it as a praise To kiss my children goodnight at the close of every day. 
For I know too soon they're gone and walking out the door. 
And I'll never have a child to kiss goodnight anymore!

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  • Jocelyn

    Okay – I love this, friend. I’ll admit that the internet can suck me in too and I don’t want my kids to grow up feeling like they didn’t have time for them. We should hang out and discuss!

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