The potty

It’s funny when you are a mom, you can title blog posts as “the potty.” I never thought I would talk so much potty talk as I do today if it wasn’t for my wonderful 2 1/2 year old. You would be amazed at how much she talks about tooting and pooping. Just tonight actually we were having dinner with some friends and Steve left to take Ava to the potty. She burst back into the room with a “I went poop mommy!” My eyes got huge, but everyone clapped for her, and the joy of such an accomplishment is priceless.

This whole potty training thing is really exciting. It’s that kind of excitement you get each time your child hits a new milestone. You as a parent, feel some sense of victory. The joy I have only changing 1 child’s diaper all day long is fabulous, although the time I spent changing the big ones diaper is now spent running to the potty, pulling down pants, placing child on potty, waiting for the big one to potty, handing toilet paper, pulling up pants, so on and so forth. I definitely thought this potty training thing would save me time, but I’m pretty sure we’ve added some extra time in there somewhere. But like I said a few lines ago, the joy on her face every time she accomplishes such success is truly priceless.

Anyhow enough about the potty, here is a recap of our Christmas (the day Charis turned 9 months.)

Cheesy grin, love it!

Oh how I love these two so incredibly much.

working on the crawling action

My silly Dad

And my mom

And lastly me with my cute bundles!

Merry Christmas 2011 and Happy New Year!


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