Welcome Back!

That’s more of a welcome back for me. I know I know, I’ve been gone for some time. I’m sure you all were checking in daily to find out what exciting things were taking place in the lives of the Munson’s. So I’m sorry for those of you I have left hanging. (That line is just to make me feel good and all important, in hopes that many, maybe even trillions check my blog daily.) In all honesty I think I’ve been incredibly busy and my TO DO list is finally getting smaller and I have had some time to sit and get a grip on life. For awhile I wasn’t blogging (not that I am a regular by any means) because honestly I had nothing to say. I guess I could have given you a wordless Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, so on and so forth. But now I have downloaded my camera to my computer and realized there was much to say. Much of life has happened and I have it captured in photos but not written down in words quite yet. So with all of that said, you may get an update in several blogs over the next few weeks  in regards to the last few weeks. 🙂

And so we begin with our new friend Pirate!


May I introduce you to Pirate. What? You can’t see him? Me neither. But a few weeks ago Ava started talking about her new friend. This photo is an example of the kinds of things Pirate makes Ava do. She does tricks on balls. 


I’m not going to lie, I was a bit freaked out about our new housemate at first. But upon lots of talking with lots of other mothers I came to the conclusion that is was ok. As long as Ava and I knew Pirate was pretend and we were just learning to use our imagination. I mean come on folks God has a pretty incredible imagination. And if we are made in His likeness wouldn’t we too have imaginations? Obviously they can be used for good or bad. I’d say Pirate is an o.k. friend and he is welcome at our home. 

*After much investigation I discovered that an episode (the only episode I might add) that Ava has ever seen of the Backyardigans, was the one where they are Pirates in search of hidden treasure. So with that said this is where our little friend blossomed from. I will add that Pirate is often drawn on paper and likes to sit and listen to Ava read. 

So the past few weeks have been fun having Ava’s new friend around. Who know how long he will stay, but nonetheless he makes things interesting in the Munson house!


And here is another picture of a cute kid. Love her, mmmmmhmmmm! 


2 responses to “Welcome Back!

  • Jacqueline Nicolet

    Just so you know, I do check your blog often in hopes that just maybe you are putting your life to words and photos that I can read from worlds away :). I was so excited to see there was a new blog!
    I just love that Ava has a little friend, that she is using her God-given imagination to dream things up.
    And by the way your girls are so darn beautiful! Miss you all so very much! Love love

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