God’s Grace

Today is Friday, and we woke up this morning to the wonderful sun! Yesterday if you live where I live we had wonderful snow! Ohhhhhhhh how I love love love the snow! I could do all winter with all snow and no rain. But that’s not how the valley works now does it? So as I was saying, woke up to sun and my third child was sick. Third child you ask? Well yes, my husband. I only call him my third child when he is sick, sick, sick. You see I am not saying this because I am trying to put him down in any sort of way, no I say this because it unfortunately reflects aspects of my heart which I would rather not see. I think I become a much weaker vessel if you will, when he is falling apart.

Now let me veer off for a bit. You see as an American I have been consumed with this thought from a very young age that I am entitled to certain things. I hope I can make myself understood to the few viewers that I have on here (you know who you are, and I just love love love you!) Anyhow, american, entitled. Growing up I really honestly thought I was entitled to a certain way of living. If I didn’t have that way, I found out a way to get it. Ugly I know. And unfortunately the way my world worked, I usually got what I wanted, hey I was an only child for 8 years. So now we flash forward to today. Today, today meaning now being married with children, I have realized that certain things just are not going to be played out the way I would intend, in my americanized mind. No matter the skill I think I have to play my deck of cards correctly, they just wont work, or at least workout well.

         Like today, husband is sick so he obviously cannot go anywhere. Unfortunately in our circumstances where we live just doesn’t seem to be conducive to 2 mobile children, sick daddy, and a busy mommy. Where do these individuals go? Let me paint a picture for you. 720 square feet. 2 bedrooms. 1 bathroom. 1 livingroom, where coffee table is also utilized as: dining table, craft table, office area, etc. etc. etc. and kitchen conducive to really only one person. All of this space seems to work just fine for us until nap time. dun dun dun.

Since Beautiful contestant #1

has a very hard time falling asleep with Beautiful contestant #2

Beauty #2 has to sleep in our bed during nap time. This is fine on any regular day, but like I said on today we had another wonderful member of the Munson household home.

So here’s where my heart starts to grow cold and look a lot like vomit. ( I wanted you to think ewwwwww). I start to feel like I really deserve a bigger house. And if that wasn’t enough my mind travels even further down the dark, ugly, smelly road and I start thinking things like: “Well if I just had more space, then this wouldn’t be such a problem. And if there was more space, my kids would probably sleep through the night because they would have their own rooms, and therefore I would be way more well rested and able to keep my house up better, and do more fun things with my kids and not look so wore out. Aaaaand if I had more space, (which I now think I soooo deserve because woe is me,  wah wah wah) everyone in the entire world would want to come hang out, because who wants to hang out in this tiny little box. And I have 2 children, count them 2, so I sooo deserve for them to have their own room, with their own dressers and their own closet. Oh and I deserve a dishwasher as well why we are at it. And why don’t we throw in a maid as well, because I mean I just should have one. So on and so forth. You might be asking, well if your space is so small, then move. I would agree with you on this thought. However I do believe my heart has issues, not my space. And to let you know we may just move, but I really don’t want to feel like “I deserve it.” Because well I don’t. The only thing I honestly deserve is well, death. I, by the grace of God however have been covered for and by what I truly deserve. It is God’s Grace that I live where I live. And it is Gods goodness that I have been given what I have been given.

So here’s to God’s Grace in which he poured out on me tonight:

Where Charis sits for dinner.

Where Charis sits for dinner.

And she’s done with dinner before the actual meal is ready…

My 2 feet of prep space for dinner, here’s where I started to lose it in my soul.

Frustrated that my dishes are piling and I have no dishwasher to hide them in, but I have animal cookies from Costco and a chai to tide me over and at least make me happy, I deserve it right???? (ugh see there I go again with me feeling entitled…)

6pm and Mom still has not gotten it together with dinner…. But she’s making me pose for a pic. At least she was well-behaved and entertained by the Bernstein Bears on TV!

Mayhem. Should be getting ready for bed, but unfortunately the third child has thrown off mom’s routine and caused her to fall into a few setbacks.

Quinoa Patties, found off of pinterest! Trying not to burn them while trying to keep up on my dishes, clean Quinoa off floor from  baby, and check on hubby’s status.

Quinoa all over my floors…. I am OCD about my floors, and this stuff was tracked everywhere due to baby who was done with dinner before anyone had received theirs and no supervision…

 This is what I look at while doing dishes in between flipping patties. This keeps me sane and one reason why I would hate to move. 

This is where these go when I need the oven… don’t judge and don’t worry if you ever receive cookies from me, my floors are super clean… OCD remember…

And she is starving. ugh.

The final product.

Thank you Jesus! And thankful that Gods Grace is sufficient for me today even when I am feeling entitled to everything, even things I may not have mentioned in said blog. *blush*

And now I am hoping with all of my thoughts that this all made sense. hmph.


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