A child, her sweetness, and love for Jesus.

So tonight we got home from Crusade before Steve. I had the pleasure of putting both girlies to bed, which is usually tag teamed by the hubs. I placed a reusable shopping bag full of snacks and other things in the kitchen and ran off to get Charis nursed and put down to bed. We have quite the routine with both girls and I don’t ever want to skimp on it in the least bit. I usually get Charis and nurse her, sing a few songs to her and finally pray for her. Ava gets a story, songs, and prayer with daddy. Tonight however I asked Ava to sit on the couch while I helped her sister and then we would read her bible and do our bedtime thing. As I was singing away to Charis, I kept hearing loud banging noises from the kitchen. I would then stop the singing, call out to Ava and ask if everything was ok. “I’m just putting my sippy in the sink” she would say. Then it was Charis’ sippy so on and so forth. Finally I was ready to read to her and help her to bed. After she was down I went to the kitchen to remove the contents from my bag and realized my sweet almost three-year old had done it for me. She had placed the Tupperware on the counter, placed the bag of apples on the shelf with the other food, and finally hung the bag back up. My heart just melted. What a lovely little lady this little girl of mine is turning into. I was reminded how blessed I am to have this sweet child. That she is my blessing from the Lord. And what a blessing she is.

Not only does this girl have spunk but she also has heart. She loves people, she loves Jesus, and she just plain loves life. I often hear her belting “bind my wandering heart to thee, let thy goodness like a fetter bind my wandering heart to thee, prone to wander Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love….” My heart is forever changed when a child shows fondness or love towards God.

This last weekend Steve took Ava to the park for what we like to call a “daddy date”. This consists of swinging for sometime. As she was pushed in the air she yelled out “look God I’m swinging”. She has started saying these sorts of things, often. The weekend before she was showing God how to blow bubbles. It makes my heart melt every time and I am certain God is just beaming with Joy. Oh the simplicity of child like faith and even a relationship with the Lord. I mean I know my child is a sinner and don’t let me mislead you,  I definitely see plenty of sin, but when I see such kindness and love flow from my child I am just moved to love my Jesus like her. She didn’t think twice about helping this evening put stuff away. She was so innocent in her actions. She expected nothing. And I was blessed by her actions. Oh how much I can learn from such a small little person. Thankful this evening for the ways the Lord blesses me through my sweet family.


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