Can’t believe she’s 3!

Ava turned 3 this last friday! We have been practicing how old she would be for the last month or so. She holds up 3 fingers now and no longer 2. The day before her birthday we celebrated with our sweet friends the Balints. We went to the Tulip Festival. They have some fun things for kids to do there: slides, pony rides, a train ride around the field, puddles to jump in. If you know Ava at all you would know that she is not a fan of unusual noises. So unfortunately for the first hour or so, the sound of the train was a bit scary for her. But we finally convinced her it was fine and decided to take a ride…

This is the best pic I could take while holding Ava between my legs and having Charis strapped to my front.

Then we played in puddles…

Your BFF Lyddi. You two are complete opposites but you sure love each other.

The next day was your actual birthday. A few days prior we asked you what you would like for your birthday and you said “A blueberry pie.” (Oh my). So I made you a lemon blueberry coffee cake for your birthday breakfast instead. You were so satisfied and now you will always call coffee cake, pie. Whoops. We also had your birthday present set up in the living room… you got an easel to further your expressive side. It was quite funny because we told you that this was your birthday present and you insisted that your “birthday was in the garage”. This was due to the fact that you had seen the UPS man bring the box into our garage and had no idea what was in that box. You were not convinced. To you the easel was o.k. and  that your “birthday” was still in our garage. Oh well.

Then we packed up and headed out for a little adventure.

We went to the humane society to look at the kitties and puppies. We thought this would be fun since you like kitties. After much driving and viewing animals we headed back home and grabbed some Burgerville. That evening we went to our CRU retreat. To say the least it wasn’t a wildly adventurous day, but we all had a great time as a family.

I really can’t believe you are already three! The time has flown by but I have loved being your mommy for all of it so far. You are a smart kid who doesn’t forget anything. You remind us, often of the good memories we have had and even the bad ones. You love singing hymns like “come thou font of every blessing” and you are a crazy dancer. You are known for you hugs that never let go and your heart is full of mercy and tenderness towards others. I love you being my sweet little girl, no longer my baby. I can’t wait to see what sort of woman you become. And just for the record I am so proud to be your mommy!

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Ava!


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