the flower girl


You know those moments that your heart is snagged (in a good way) and you just fall in love with someone all over again? Well today Ava got to be a flower girl in Brandon and Kailey’s wedding. We have been talking about this event for months. We practiced on Tuesday night as she would toss and pick up. Toss and pick up. I honestly wondered how today would go. Not only was it ohhh 95 degrees out but my baby was going to be a flower girl. Now she is only 3 years old and at the age of 3 you can’t bank on how the situation might go.

Will there be tears because you don’t want to wear your cute flower garland in your hair?

Will you make it down the aisle?

Will you know what to do?

I know what you thinking… sheesh she is only 3 years old, and I sure hope you didn’t put all of that pressure on your poor little 3-year-old. Nope. I think I did a good job at not doing this. It’s just stuff you hold inside. Just wondering. And Hoping that things will go how you somewhat expected.

Well it was Ava’s turn and I watched from the sidelines. I couldn’t have been more proud. I know she was just a flower girl, but little miss  melted my heart so much today. She really pulled at my heartstrings. I really wish I would have captured it on video because it’s one of those precious moments that I will play over and over again in my mind.

The sheer glee on your face as you pranced down the aisle today was so wonderful. You pranced and tossed those flowers so well. I know you were not there to perform for anyone. But today you truly gave your best and the Joy that beamed out of you, well it melted my heart. I think it melted God’s heart as well. You had no worry or care in the world. You were determined to do the job you were called to do and you did it with more Joy then I do most of my life. It’s funny how much you can learn from such a quick instance. From such a tiny person. But you put your best foot forward, grinned, and proceeded with Joy. Oh how much fun you have when you/ we proceed with Joy. Anyhoo…

I’m sure other people thought oh what a cute little girl, but honey you were wonderful and I am just so proud to be your mommy! Someday you will prance down that aisle again and when that happens you will be given away to a man. I guarantee I will see you as a flower girl and remember this day and your Joy will radiate from your sweet face once again.

I just hope you know what a gift from God you are to me and your daddy. Know that you will always be our little girl, no matter how old you get. The joy of the Lord spills out of you and I pray that you continue to radiate the Glory of Gods Joy all the days of your life. Thank you for giving me so much joy today and once again I love being your mommy and am so proud of you!

The Happy couple!

And the exhausted hot family. Time for bed!


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