Monthly Archives: January 2013

love, love, love…

A quick note… 

Everyday I do not go without hearing the words; “I love you mommy” or  “I love you so so much mommy”. Every time I hear these sweet words,  they melt my heart and place a small grin upon my face. Ava Joy is full of life and full of joy! Her name, Ava, actually means Life and well we all know what Joy means. I am astounded that her name breathes the very essence of who she is. 

It is a constant encouragement to me when I hear that someone loves me and genuinely loves me. I know she says it because she means it. It is amazing how many ways I see the Lord at work in this small child’s heart. 




It is amazing how the Lord would use someone so small to works wonders in a heart such as mine. Thankful today for his kindness towards me as He uses a child to constantly bless my heart.