Recap on 2 years… oh what????

Dearest Libby Ann,

Well hello there daughter. You are number four in a great bunch of little ladies. You were born about 3 months ago and I am finally (once again, I think I always say this on here), finally writing about it. You have captured my heart with your sweet gummy grins and your oh so perfect sleeping and how you hardly ever cry. Needless to say little lady I am in love with you! It’s far too late for me to write about your entry into the world, so we will save that for another day. But you are such a blessing to this mama.

With you being 3 months we embark on the fact that we are coming up quickly to year #2 of living in this house of ours. How have 2 years past by so quickly and nothing was documented? Well here is the short version on bullet points on what has happened in the past 2 years:

  • bought our first home! yay! – total provision from the Lord
  • the day we were supposed to close the government froze and our loan was on hold for another month…
  • have had 6 international students live with us at different points of time in the last 2 years… China, Vietnam, and Japan.
  • had our first ambulance experience with a child in 2014. (do not want to try that one again)
  • got a dog. Coco she was 5 when we got her. She is part german shepherd and something else.
  • took Hannah to OHSU 4 times due to bladder reflux and kidney issue. This stressed me out every time. One day the Lord healed her and we did not have to return,… (many ultra sounds and catheters were involved… gag me but Praise the Lord, there was much rejoicing)
  • Somewhere in there Hannah walked at 13 months.
  • got pregnant with baby #4
  • Did not find out what she was…
  • bought chickens who lived in our basement for a reeeeeeallllly long time.
  • Ava has now lost 3 teeth and is 6 years old… ohhhh whattt????
  • Had baby girl #4 on 7/11/2015! (we have 4 girls)
  • started 10th year with CRU at WOU as staff…
  • Baby #4 also paid a visit to OHSU due to weird overlapping skull pieces but again saw how faithful our God is and it disappeared.

and I am sure there is more, but that is the brief recap…

next up… Liberty comes into the world!


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